• Celebrating Career and Technical Education Month

    Celebrating Career and Technical Education Month0

    February is commonly known as a month-long celebration of Black History Month, but February is also when Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month® is celebrated. CTE encompasses any field of study that prepares students for “high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers” according to the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE)1. According to Applied Educational Systems, CTE

  • Machine Learning Applications

    Machine Learning Applications0

    Machine learning (ML) is the capability of systems to automatically learn and improve from experience independently, without human intervention. Used with artificial intelligence, the capabilities of machine learning are endless. Capitology Blog sat down with Dr. Robert Steele to discuss machine learning and its applications. Dr. Steele serves as Chair and Professor of Computer Science.

  • Design and Construction Week 2021

    Design and Construction Week 20210

    For what seems to be an entirely hands-on industry, it may appear odd that the 2021 Design & Construction Week, which takes place this week from February 9-12 will be virtual, but this multifaceted industry has incorporated digital services across careers. This event serves as a venue for construction and design professionals to share ideas


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